As a firm, we look to the future rather than to the past. So, while the roots of Kateera and Kagumire Advocates stretch back to the early 1900s, our story is more about a series of moments when we changed the legal landscape.

The history of Kateera & Kagumire is a story of determination and hard work. In 1903, two British citizens, Hunter and Greig set up the first law practice in Uganda.

The firm was later joined by other eminent legal Practioners of their days like, O.J Keeble (R.I.P), Cohnhan (R.I.P), Gideon Akankwasa (R.I.P), Jonathan Kateera (R.I.P), Christopher Kasibayo (R.I.P) and John Sengooba .

The firm grew consistently and made a significant contribution towards the development of Jurisprudence in Uganda.